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Investment gold are gold bullion/sheets of milesimal fineness 995 [1] and gold coins of milesimal fineness 900, minted after 1800, that have been legal tender in the country of origin, sold at a price that does not exceed 80% of the market value of the gold contained in them. [2]


In general terms, deliveries, EU acquisitions and imports of investment gold are exempt from VAT, but the taxable person may waive the exemption in some cases. Mediation services in these operations (on behalf of thirty parties) are also exempt. 

The exemption does not apply to EU acquisitions in which the provider of investment gold renounces the exemption. 

In case two possible exemptions were applicable (a gold investment and a EU acquisition one), investment gold one prevails. 


Providers of investment gold may waive the exemption in the following cases:  
  1. When they are regularly dedicated to produce investment gold or to transform non-investment gold in investment gold.
  2. In deliveries of gold which has been transformed into investment gold. 
  3. When the acquirer is a buisnessman or a professional.
The exemption can also be waived in case of mediation on behalf on thirty parties in exempt operations, provided that the acquirer is a businessman or a professional, and  when the provider had waived the exemption. 

The waiver must be done per operation, performed by the service provider and communicated in writing to the acquirer (prior or simultaneously to the acquisition). The acquirer also has to be informed in writing of his henceforth condition of taxpayer. 


In general terms, supported VAT is not deductible, since investment gold deliveries are exempt from VAT. 

Exceptionally, the following must be taken into account:
  1.  Exempt deliveries of gold investment generate the right to deduct supported VAT quotes when done by businessmen or professionals who have produced or transformed that investment gold. 
  2. Deliveries of exempt investment gold by businessmen who are not contemplated in a), generates the right to deduct.
  3. Supported VAT corresponding to the internal or EU acquisition of that investment gold, when the supplier had waived the exemption.
  4. Supported VAT corresponding to acquisition or import of investment gold, when it did not meet the pertinent requirements at the time of its acquisition or import.
  5. Supported VAT corresponding to services of change of form, weight or milesimal fineness.

In case of waive to the exemption by the provider, the taxable person of investment gold deliveries, is the recipient businessman or professional. 


Businessmen and professionals who carry out operations of investment gold must keep copies of all invoices corresponding to these operations within 5 years (article 140 sexies of VAT Law)

Businessmen and professionals who carry out gold investment operations and other kind of operations must pertinently separate the operations corresponding to each scheme in their VAT books. 

[1] Provided that the weight accomplishes addendum 9th of VAT Law.
[2] These requirements are accomplished in all coins related by the EUOD before 1st of December each year.

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