Friday 24 March 2017


Since the beginning of the economic crisis, forcible evictions have been a constant in Spain. Particularly affected are people who have lost or are in risk of losing their job and have difficulties entering or re-entering the labour market.

Recently, the Royal Decree-Law Nr. 5/2017, of 17.03.2017, has approved the following two important measures to protect people considered to be in risk of social exclusion:

1.      Eviction procedures can be suspended to a maximum of 7 years. This term ends on 05.05.2020, since the deadline runs from the entry into force of Law 1/2013.


2.      In case the eviction has already occurred, they may request from the creditor the rental of the house for a maximum annual rental price of 3% of knockdown price. The deadline for requesting it is six months, from the entry into force of the RDL Nr. 5/2017.

The most significant group of people in situation of social exclusion are those who have suffered a significant alteration of their economic circumstances in the last 4 years. This alteration occurs when the result of dividing the mortgage burden into the rent had increased, at least, 1,5.

Other people in situation of social exclusion are the following:

1.      Large families

2.      Single parents

3.      Families with a minor

4.      Families in which a member has a disability greater than 33%

5.      Victims of gender violence

6.      Debtors over 60

7.      Families living with disabled, dependant or serious ill people.

The RDL Nr. 5/2017 has entered into force on March 18th of 2017.
Luisa Fernández Baladrón is a registered lawyer at the I.C.A.I.B.

Friday 10 March 2017


Starting to operate in Spain, either as a buyer, a lessor, an administrator… or simply as an employee, requires a registration at the Spanish Inland Revenue. At the time of the registration, the Spanish Inland Revenue assigns the concerned a Tax Identification Number for Foreigners, known as „N.I.E.“.

Any foreigner who wants to carry out a transaction in Spain (open a bank account, set up a business, rent/buy a home…) needs this number.

Some years ago, the „N.I.E.“ was obtained almost immediately, but the huge demand has caused a slowdown at the Public Administration. Currently, an application for a N.I.E. in absence of the concerned may take as long as two weeks.

Notwithstanding, the procedure can be speeded up enormously, if the concerned accompanies us to the Foreign Office to apply for the N.I.E.

Notice that, nowadays, only registered lawyers are allowed to represent someone at the Foreign Office.

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