Wednesday 29 January 2020


This declaration has necessary to be submitted in the month of January.

The General State Budget Law of 2018 (6/2018) provides the possibility of increasing maternity benefits up to 1000 euro, depending on the child’s birth date (article 81.2). Most specifically, deduction increase can be applied from the moth following to the birth, as follows:

  • Child born in January 2019………………. Deduction of 11/12 x 1000€
  • Child born in August 2019………………… Deduction of 4/12 x 1000€

In order to make this benefit effective, it is necessary that the nursery school submits to the Spanish Tax Office, an informative declaration No. 233. This declaration is to be submitted in the month of JANUARY of the year following the dates the information refers to (e.g.: information of 2019 is declared in January 2020).

The declaration contains information relating the identification and authorisation of the nursery school, child data, parents data, months in which the child has been in childcare, annual expenses and subsidized amounts (article 69.9). 

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