Saturday 2 May 2015


A friend of mine met some colleagues after a long time. They were all trying to “solve” the problems of the world, as usually happens in such cases, when the group began to talk about next general elections. Two years ago, our man decided not to read any further newspaper (they were depressing, so he said). Thus, as his friends discussed, he could only watch them talking, as if he was the spectator of a ping-pong match.

They talked about corruption and economy. Some even affirmed that the middle class had been paying for the high and low class costs. Given that our colleague was not taking part in the conversation, one of his friends asked him if this also happened in other countries.

Our friend told me later that the situation is quite similar everywhere in the world. He is convinced that politicians will never solve anything, for they are not the ones who are actually governing. He believes that the effective control is in the hands of that one percent of the population who holds 99% of global resources. This one percent is almost anonymous. They are very discreet people who would never make public their lives (unlike Belen Esteban, who is constantly punishing us with her plastic surgery operations). Their effective control is the reason why the situation is always the same, no matter what ideology the government has.

Do you mean that the middle class is financing our society? – said our mate – But, what is middle class? Do people who earn 1000 euros per month belong to middle class? Is it the same belonging to the middle class than having an average salary? And who are the poor? Do you really think that the poor are those who begg in the streets? Are those women with a foreign accent and a scarf over their heads part of that poor class? Are those women who are daily “unloaden” by a van in their begging positions the poors of our society?

We are numbed by our jobs and occupations and cradled by the television and the computer. If Karl Marx was to see the present situation he would probably say that Twitter is  people’s opium. Everywhere we go, there are “hookahs” which can distract our affliction.

My friend is convinced that current problems can only be solved by a revolution... but he confesses that he is too lazy to take part in one. He admits that the only revolution he feels like doing when he comes home is the one he does in the kitchen to imitate the famous cook “Carlos Arguiñano”.

What can we do about it? Teenagers used to be the rebellious of our society some years ago, but nowadays they no longer rebel. Except if you try to remove them their “Whatsapp”.


Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón

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