Friday 17 October 2014


I am already sat in my apartment, with bags and boxes only half unpacked. My two-wheel vehicle parked in the main entry to the building, attached to the banister with one of those “18 gauge steel” protective locks. I am constantly going in and out. There are pieces of fiber optic cable on oneside: I might have not swept them due to a Celtic superstition of not sweeping at night or just because I am too tired.

For once in my life I am using an ADSL line exclusively. I have inserted the password into the computer, closed the front door and left the internal doors opened, left the window opened despite the absence of courtains. As I like it. Whoever does not like what I do, should look away. I have cut onions on a new wooden table with a sharp knife and am currently listening to Mallorcan Germans talking on “Insel Radio” about what they call news. A hot cup of tea. This is freedom.

Yesterday, before starting the class, one of the young learners hugged me spontaneously. And the others imitated him. In a couple of seconds, I was surrounded by a wall of about one meter height, made of children.

By the time of going back home, the spontaneous did not want to go.

-          I want to stay here.

They have gifted me their first drawings. And I would like to share them with you.

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  1. Nothing better than that freedom. Enjoy it.

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  3. are the captain of your life... :-)