Thursday 16 October 2014


I had already been warned about it. Many years ago, when I first came to Palma, long before having lived in Frankfurt or Bern, someone advised me: whoever comes to the island, stays in the island forever. It’s true. I can’t explain the reason why, but even a tramp can settle here permanently.

In fact, it is difficult to adapt at first. Mallorcans are different from other Spaniards. They are calm, relaxed, less spontaneous. I have many friends in Mallorca, but almost all of them are outsiders. Only a few Mallorcans would invite you to their homes. Thus, we all grumble when whe come to the island.

But then you get used to sunbathing; to that tomato, onion and pepper salad which is so typical in the island; to going out dressed as a weird and that nobody really minds; to enjoying the tranquility of going out alone at any time of day or night; to going everywhere on bike safely without being bothered (but for some local officer who warns you not to ride on the sidewalk). Suddenly, you have become addicted to Mediterranean culture.

I would like to thank Mallorca and the Mallorcans. They are experts in the art of living.


Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón


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