Saturday 1 February 2020


Do freelancers really have no obligations regarding occupational health & safety? The answer to this question will depend on the SITUATION of the self-employed.

In general terms, a freelancer who has no employees is not obliged to comply with occupational health and safety regulations; on the other hand, a freelancer with employees MUST comply exactly the same health and safety regulations as any other company.

Besides, a freelancer who SHARES FACILITIES OR WORK AREA with other workers is obliged to comply with occupational health & safety regulations, even if he has no employees. This case is commonly known as „COORDINATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES“.

Notice that prevention regulations require the employer to have a preventive plan, risk assessment, preventive measures and specific training for the position. This also includes knowing how to properly use personal protective equipment and coordinating business activities.

In such cases, the simplest way of fulfilling legal requirements is counting with an EXTERNAL PREVENTION SERVICE, which can help you in the professional comply with preventive regulations.

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