Saturday, 6 December 2014


When we were kids, it was forbidden. In those days, children were not allowed to drink stimulants. This included tea, coffee and all cola drinks. In fact, children used to drink orange Fanta - though a few years after we would also had the option of drinking “Mirinda”-. But tea was no option at all.

But in summer used to come aunt Laura, always accompanied by tea, coffee donuts and “La Violeta” candies. She used to prepare a huge pot and give us each a bit, serving the beverage in our cups directly from hers. Even in pijamas, we climbed on a stool to reach a glass cup. And we went secretly out of Laura’s room with a cup of tea.

Today has been a rainy day; one of those cold and annoying ones which are so typical of the North. When I saw the way it was bucketing down, I preferred to take the underground instead of going on bicycle, so as to open my umbrella. However, when I came back home the rain was leaking through my heels, leaving a trace of water on the floor. And just then, when my whole body was cold and numb, I had a hot shower, dried my back with big towel, put my flannel trousers on, wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and bundled up my neck in a shawl, still smelling the scent of the cologne.

I took the cup with both hands, warming my face with the smell of raspberry. And I sat in my favourite chair, listening to RY X and enjoying the truce of the house once again. Let’s get the day off to a good start enjoying a cup of tea.

A hug from Palma

Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón


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