Thursday 9 April 2020


The Royal Decree Law No. 8/2020, of March 31st, has extended the possibility of deferment to the tax debts with regional and local administrations (Royal Decree Law No. 11/2020).

The measures adopted by this Royal Decree Law, particularly by its article No. 33, are basically the following:

1.       Temporary suspension of VAT, special tax on electricity and special hydrocarbon tax for electricity, natural gas, manufactured gas and petroleum gas distributors whose invoices could not be collected due to the financial situation created by the alarm status (article No. 44.4 RDL).

2.      Possibility of deferring a maximum of 6 months debts of less than 30.000€ derived from custom declarations delivered between 02.03. and 30.05.2020(article No. 52 RDL), provided that the recipient’s turnover did not exceed 6.010.121,04€ in 2019.

3.      Possibility of deferring payment deadlines of debts with regional and local administration (article No. 53 RDL).

4.      Extension of terms to file appeals which should have been filed between March 3rd and April 30th 2020.

5.      Exemption of the gradual part of the tax on asset transfers to notarial deeds of novation of mortgage loans and credits that are produced as a consequence of the financial situation derived from the alarm status.


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