Thursday 20 June 2019


The voluntary period of the Business Tax (I.A.E.) payment has been modified by a Resolution of the Spanish Tax Agency published yesterday (June 19th of 2019) by the Spanish Official State Gazette. This modification affects both national and provincial rates for the financial year 2019.

The Business Tax applies to Corporations, Civil companies, entities without legal personality which constitute an economic unit (or a patrimony susceptible of taxation) and Non Residents with a permanent establishment in Spain engaged in an economic, professional or artistic activity within the Spanish territory (art. 35.4 of Law 58/2003, of December 17th, connected with art.82.1.c of Law of Local Treasuries, T.R.L.R.H.L.). Even though, taxpayers in the first 2 tax periods of the economic activity (82.1.b. of T.R.L.R.H.L.) or with a net turnover lower than 1.000.000€ are exempted.

Payment period

The payment in voluntary period for 2019 has been set from September 19th to November 20th of 2019, both dates being inclusive.

Form of payment

The Spanish Tax Agency shall send to the taxpayers the payment document, which has to be presented in any of the credit entities considered as “Collaborating” (entidades colaboradoras) for its payment.
In case the payment document of the Business Tax was not received, the taxpayer has to pick a duplicate up in the appropriate Tax Office for its fiscal domicile (Delegación de la A.E.A.T./ Administración de la A.E.A.T.)


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