Saturday 27 June 2015


I was brought up by an amazing mother who made us believe that we had a reasonable financial situation at home. As I was a very little child she even convinced us that a dry plant in the kitchen gave candies when we closed our eyes. Thus, during my childhood I always had the feeling of having everything one could desire.

Times have changed a lot since then. Today, children ask for iPods rather than play football. Back in the 2009, while I was having dinner with some friends, two of them stressed that being part of the middle class in Spain required an income of, at least, three to four thousand euros per month. That was the first time I heard a barrier in figures between two classes. Unfortunately, I had the feeling that the average was too high. But what has definitely persuaded me of being less wealthy than what I had initially though has been the prayer of the poor. In recent times, the poor cite specific figures when they pray. Gone are the glory days when they said “feed me”. Nowadays they ask you for five or twenty euros.

Today morning I went to the supermarket. There were two nuns at the entrance, one at each side of it, dressed in his usual gray habit. One of them gave me a piece of paper while the other asked me to collaborate with them.

Food campaign. We appreciate your generous contribution in steak, beef loin, various kinds of meat, frozen fish, ham, olive oil, coffe in natural grain”.

A quick glance at the flyer was enough to perveive my lack of belonging to the middle class. Beef loin, olive oil... Do you mean selected-grade lean beef? What about some mushrooms and a glass of Riojan wine? All this reminds me of a television programm conducted by “Anton Reixa”, where a skinny African, dressed in the typical Galician costume, claimed the fundamental right of every human being to eat seafood once a year.

I must confess my admiration for my mother, who was able to persuade us of the power of her lentils, beans and stews.



  1. Hi Luisa, you may not remember me but we met briefly in Palma when you were handing out your translation services material. I am not sure why but your profile popped up on my PC today and I clicked on it and somehow got into your amazing blog! I saw a request for speakers in different languages somewhere on the blog and it sounds so interesting. Do get in touch if you want an English speaker from Guernsey - who also wants to learn Spanish one day! Hope we talk soon and I will probably come again to the lovely Island of Majorca this year. All the best Charlie

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Sorry not to have answered before: I am afraid I have just seen your comment. I will try to get in contact to you per mail: I would really like to get in contact to practise some English. And, if you are interested in learning Spanish, I could not only help you personally, but also introduce you a number of friends who would be delighted of having an English friend in the group. Have a very nice week and my best regards, Luisa