Friday 22 August 2014


Yesterday we had our second lesson in the canoeing federation. This time, we used a closed canoe. It wasn’t the first time I got into one of these. In fact, Johannes had bought two in August 2009 and, in those days, we went a few times to Colonia San Pere, Cala Falcó, Pollensa and Malpás. Once we even got close to the Dragonera. But, when I was about to turn the island around, Johannes started yelling out:

-            Luisaaaa! Come back! If something happened to you, what would I say to your mother?

Actually, the sea was rather choppy, I must say. And by the time we got back to the beach, the canoe was half full with water.

As we yesterday set off, the sea was choppy again. I couldn’t say how much in technical terms, but if the waves were measured by hands, they might have been two hands. Having the instructor near us, sat on a Zodiac, one gets the feeling of safety. However, he took care to emphasize that there was a certain risk and the importance of following guidelines. After the theory class, we were doing some simple maneuvers: going over there... turning left... going back, etc.

As Nacho (our instructor) commented the safety guidelines, I realized how irresponsible I had been when I set off to the sea before. When danger is ignored, there is definitely no fear... but accidents can happen anyway.

We came to a creek and the instructor gave us instructions from the Zodiac.

-            Far from bathers and fishermen!

Someone came up to us on purpose to ask where he could rent a canoe. A lady asked us if there were courses for children.

And as we paddled back to the port, correcting our route once and again, with the waves pushing steadily at the stern, the wind head-up and Portixol face to us, we saw the sunset from the canoe. The sparkling water, the red horizon, the sea swallowing the sun and our thoughts focused on paddeling. Portixol has a zen touch, when one sees it from the sea



Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón

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