Sunday 26 October 2014


You lie on the sand, still wearing your clothes, barefoot, in any old way. You let yourself go, forgetting fashions. No tourists, no perfect lives or smart people seem to be allowed. “El Molinar” does not care how you look like or what your age is.

The great paradox is that this place has almost been bought by the rich and is still been used by the poor. Whoever has bought those tiny, once rickety (now millionaire) houses will not easily recover what they have invested: they are unlikely to be rented for a good price and selling them obtaining a profit is even more difficult. If someone can pay such high prices, they do not accept living in a small house. Thus, as long as our statesmen do not decide to put doors to the sea and build a new harbour, we can still recover from our unhealthy rest of the day in this garden. The garden of a house, where we can still close the front door and open all innen doors; that place where nothing seems to affect us.

Tomorrow the fight begins again. And maybe also the Government intention to devastate the shore and build a large port. But today we are the conquerors. “El Molinar” does still exist for us to enjoy: to skate, to swim, to walk or to make a promenade on bike along the coast.



Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón



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