Sunday 21 September 2014


It has already been Wednesday for eleven minutes and I should go to bed to rest. IN fact, tomorrow is my third day of work. But I have to admit I am a Facebook-holic: I have become addicted to telling my experiences during the day and to reading other people’s ones.

Today, I went to the headquarters to have my business card picture taken. I went as early as possible, because I wanted to take part in a new software course that the company is implemeting right now, and I did not want to be late for it. I had to do a lot of maneuvers forward and backward to park the car, in spite of having plenty of empty parking lots at my disposal. Two colleagues were smoking a cigarette outside (it was not nine o’ clock yet) and they both stared at me with such an expression of “I can not believe it”. Anyway, I finally I got it: I parked the car, a colleague took a photograph of mine very early and  I was on time for the course.

It has been rather a lot of new information. This, mixed with the one received yesterday, has formed a real hotchpotch. About two o’clock, I could not wait any longer to get out of the office and clear up the mishmash I had in my head. I was really concerned, I have to say. But I got into the supermarket and bought one of those soft-drinks which take a smile inside. I sat opposite the marina, overlooking the sea. It was a quiet and relaxing see. Also filthy with so much oil, but relaxing, anyway. I mean, the sea, not the oil.

I stayed under the blazing sun. It was one of those sunny days, so common in Majorca, which the dermatologists consider so inconvenient for the skin and Coppertone company so convenient for its turnover. By the time I got back to the office, my batteries were recharged already. I started asking how to do this and that... And my internal “engine” began to warm up. It began that “running-in” which cars used to need some years ago. I remember a “running-in” sign at a back window of a car. Nowadays, one does not see such things. All this is just twentieth century nostalgia.

I had fun solving my first problems at work. And so I spent the rest of the evening.

I went back to Palma in the green car. This time I spent less time and was more confident. I parked the car at Portixol and joined the canoe lesson, which had started almost an hour ago. When I managed to change my clothes, the last canoe was setting sail. I then did the same than the others. We paddled to Molinar and flipped the canoe onto the shore, with our feet on earth, to learn how to empty it when it is full of water. We got into the kajak and out of it once and again, so as to learn how to do it with ease. So far, we had got into the canoe at the dock, helping us with our hands supported on the dock. But today, we learnt how to get into the kajak on the beach.

By that time, our instructor realized that I was cheating.

- No. This is not the correct way. Even if your body allows you to do so, what you are doing is dangerous.

He picked up the bow of my kajak with his hand and capsized it, throwing myself into the water and ruining at once the little make-up that had not perished yet, after a whole day of work. I started blinking in the best style of a sad Charlie Rivel.

- Now you will not forget how to get into the canoe properly – argued the instructor.

By the time we paddled back to the port, it was already getting dark. It is a real luxury to contemplate the sunset from the sea. Sat in the kajak, paddeling slowly; enjoying the fact of being there at that time. Talking to other people from kajak to kajak without effort.

We docked our canoes into the port. We got them back into their place, overturning them to leak them out. And, while we were stretching, it got definitely dark. Plans were heard to have a coffee together after the last lesson, next Thursday. And we were invited to join the veterans on Friday evening. Unfortunately, I do not believe I will be able to do so this week.

I got into the car once again and drove back home. And I went up the stairs as quick as I could to open the door of our “Facebook” home and get in contact with all of you again.



Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón

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