Wednesday, 5 November 2014


That makes two more! Yesterday I got another two pupils. They came together in a hustle and bustle. I should get other eight more before the end of the year to achieve my goal. But if I want to be realistic, I should first start teaching more hours at home. By the time being, I have multiple workplaces and I work little at home.

Today, I have gone to Vodafone to communicate my new personal data. You know, my new address and telephone number, which I have actually been using since mid-October. Our data can be found in many places. Thus, when it is necessary to change them, we have no choice but doing it gradually.

So, as I was just saying, I went to the store. And I saw something absolutely amazing: a huge screen, consisting of four others, showing company ads. I imagined it at home, showing the photos I use to pre-teach vocabulary. With the word written on them and hi-fidelity loudspeakers. Woooow! The thought alone struck me! Absolutely great! So much, that I even ran to find some lottery. If I won (I told to myself) I would install them immediately... and invite the parents of all my pupils to a free lesson. And I would record it (with their permission and the help of my friend Andrés, who is capable of making Quasimodo appear as handsome) and upload the video in YouTube. I am sure there would then be candidates I could teach at home.

I came back home and checked today lottery results. Unfortunately, today it has not been possible. But nobody can take the pleasant feeling I have had today away from me.


Copyright Luisa Fernández Baladrón

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