Are you a non Spanish speaker and you find it difficult to understand a Spanish invoice? Do you want someone to translate for you wherever you want at a quite affordable price? Are you thinking of opening a branch in Spain and you need some help with Spanish or with the Spanish accounting standards?

... Or maybe you have decided to learn (or to improve) your Spanish.

No matter what your situation is, Spanish is something you can achieve. I can:

  • Accompany you on shopping, at a shareholders or neighbours meeting or at the Spanish public administration
  • Translate your documents or your web-site into Spanish
  • Adapt your accounting or budget into Spanish accounting standards
  • And give effective Spanish lessons at all levels.
And the hourly rate is quite affordable!

For further information, you can use the contact form or call (+34) 673 164 613 or send me an e-mail to:  luisa@fernandezbaladron.com.

Mobile: +34 673 164 613




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